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I'm so aggravated right now...i hate that picture of ali and billy, and I know that I shouldn't...I know it's just jealousy eating away at my brain, but I FUCKING HATE IT! when I first saw it this morning, I could feel the gorge rising in my throat. I don't know what it was...but then to accompany that with all the freaking squeeing over how cute they are! ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRgh...couldn't take it, can't take it....I feel like starting an anti-ali community again....and I know that if Billy knew that I felt this way, I'd be lumped into a "hated fan" group in his mind, that he wouldn't like it. It's almost as if it would be easier if I knew who she was, if she was famous, I'd already have some opinion of her...but all I have is her pictures, and her pictures put the most negative ideas in my mind....the way she and he stand together, so anti-couply, that is if you go by the psychological signs of attraction and all....and the way she always seems to be smirking into the camera, like "Ha ha! I have him and you don't!" kind of look. It just makes me wary....I have this urge to find Billy and scream "Get away from her! She's one of the pod people!"....*sigh* yes, I'm a jealous, bitter, hateful bitch...but I don't care...I don't know Ali, I don't want to know Ali, and I strongly dislike her....freaking hell....and I can't understand why all of his fangirls think it's great? Part of the attraction of a star attraction is going, "whoah! he's awesome! and he's single! How can that be? Oh, but if he met me, then it would be different!". You don't look at pictures of them with their other and say, "Oh how cute! They're perfect for each other! squee!"....it's just wrong....wrong I tell you!....So that's my thoughts...paint me however you want....but damnit, don't show me another fucking picture of those two together, because from now on, I like my fandom minus the other.
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