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So wait, God does love me?

Today is a squeeing day, if there ever was one...and good things, like bad, DO come in threes!

Today started out crappy, the shittiest of the shitty, I shall not lie. I went home for lunch, half dead, the other half hacking....And then the mail came (The sweetest music in the world begins to play) and I see not just one, no no my precious, but TWO packages for me...*dance dance*...In the first one, was yes, dare I say, the long awaited package from ebay with the SFX magazine with Billy in it, which means that "Yes, Alex, there is a rainbow! And yes, my precious, the mag is on it's way to you along with assorted other pressies.".....and now for the moment of truth! I got my package from Crystal!!!!!.....

a moment of silence

tarnishedhalo, I love you!!!! Needless to say why for you, but for everyone else, I shall elaborate....Crystal posted the Billy sketch that she sent me (which is even more gorgeous in person, all those little lines), but along with that sketch and a wonderful note (coffee will be on me, Crystal ;) )...she sent the most beautiful and HOT airbrush of Billy that she has done to date. Let's just say that I ran right out and bought a frame and it is now hanging in my office...yummy...oh god that expression sheesh...i'll try to take a picture, but if Crystal has it on her computer, maybe she will be kind and post it? And last, but definitely not least, Crystal gave me the best present ever!!!! A Signed Pippin card!!!!!!!!!! OMG! My hands were shaking when I opened that 2nd envelop, Crystal...hehehe, and then when I saw it, I started squeeing without trying!!!! I have framed it too ;)...lol so Crystal *biggest fucking smooch you ever had in your life*!

and now, for the moment of truth....

The last great thing happened exactly 20 mins later when I received a call from my bf. He had received a page from his best friend (and ex-brother in law) saying that his ex-wife had a baby two days ago! For two months, Jason and I have suspected that the Bitch was pregnant because she just looked so fucking pregnant...but no one was talking about it. And now that she's had the baby, she's claiming that she didn't know she was pregnant!...ahahahaha, whatever. The only thing I'm worried about is that knowing her, and the way she likes to shit-disturb, she's gonna turn around and try to say that the baby is Jason's....and no matter what, there's no way that baby is Jason's, simply because there is no way that he'd fuck her. Sorry to be crude, but there isn't....secretly, I'm hoping the baby is half-black, that way, none of that will ever come to issue.....You ask, why is this so great? Because, I now have something over her....there will never be another time that she looks at me and says some hateful bullshit because now I have proof that she's not some angel. And I know if the tables were turned, she'd be calling my baby a "bastard". Now I won't do that to her, but she's gonna know that there's nothing special about her, other than the fact that she can reproduce. And boy, am I sorry for the new child......anyway....off to the races!
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