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I came, I saw, I painted...

I feel soooo good about my painted jacket project....and it's mostly done....well, done enough that I can go ahead and wear it....I may (still have the extra urge) go on and complete the back of it with a larger fonted words in the center of the jacket in the Ringbearer font....but for now, the front is at least done...

Step one: Buy jacket. Completed with one agonizing trip at the local goodwill. If you are like me, and have huge football shoulders, you may find it easier to buy a men's coat. They also tend to be more in the style that I wanted for this particular jacket. At any rate, the only must is to pick a jacket that is smooth (no weird bumps or textures), that way your paint sticks better.

Step two: Plan, draw, or make a template. The hardest part for me was deciding what to put on the jacket. That's where you guys came in, and speedily told me that I had to use the quote "Not All Who Wander Are Lost". Once I had that, it was only a short step for me to decide to use the White Tree of Gondor as my picture. I got the design off of a picture of Pippin in Uniform, and it was a short step in photoshop to outline it to make a paper template (shown below):

With that, it was a trip to the local hobby shop for some fabric paint, a small lettered stencil, and some brushes. Another tip, use only flat paints made for fabric (I personally purchased the Tulip flat paint in the nice little tubes). I also chose to bring the coat with me, so that I could test the colors on an inside hidden spot of the coat. This turned out to be an excellent idea as my original colors did not show up well enough, and I finally had to match with something different.

Step Three: Painting fun! This part was the most awkward, as I first had to cut out my template. After much cussing and tears, I succeeded in having a template that somewhat looked like the picture...lol...next time, I will plan this one step much better. Then I dabbed, dabbed, dabbed...making much mess....I went back over the Tree with spots of blue, highlighting certain areas. And thus, the tree turned out to look like :

I hung the coat up, with the arms clipped back to let that dry, then went on to the word painting later on. For the words, I had chosen a simple stencil, and decided on using tape to make a base line. I would paint a letter, pick up the stencil, wipe it off, place the stencil, paint another letter, and so on....After one line was finished, I'd move the tape down and start again. The words ended up looking like:

You may ask yourself...why the weird leaf in the last line? Why, that's improv, because after finishing it, I realized that I had painted "Not All Who Who Wander Are Lost" and faced with the angry tears of ruining a heartfelt, long labored project, I fan-nangled some ivy and am moving on with my life...here's how that looked before I realized my mistake:

After done, hung dry again....

Step Four: Wear the hell out of this coat and gloat to all your friends! Finished project looks as such:

So what do you guys think? Good idea? Horrible finish? You know what....I don't think I care....gonna love the coat anyway.....:)
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