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Ah to disagree...

I have read Mr. Royko's latest entries and must say that I disagree. Yes I voted for Ralph in the last election, and truly appreciate having another option over worse and worst. And despite the debacle which ensued, and the despite the fact that Bush probably won because of the Nader votes, I plan on voting for him again. I find it unconscientable to feel that I must vote for whatever freaking yahoo the Democrats chose out of the list of unqualifieds. And although I do not believe that any other president would have handle 9/11 any better, I can't help but believe that putting either Bush or the front runner Democrats would handle this next phase of America well. I do not believe myself insane, nor do I feel badly about pushing the Democrats aside by taking my vote elsewhere. If the Democrats want to stop loosing votes to independants, then they need to straighten their act up! Nader is right; if you compare the two parties on most issues, they are mirrored. Instead of a clear cut division in ideas, they share the same sentiments. Despite that, I look at the ridiculous state of the candidates for the primaries thus far, and I would never vote for any of them except for Lieberman, and he's dropped out! So yes Ralph, you have my vote again! Go independents!
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