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These boots are made for walking...

I just discovered that my wardrobe doesn't need updating, despite what I thought before because I just added the all new accessory, BOOTS! Yes, they pinch a little, but should ease with wearing. So far, I've drug out four old outfits that never got much wear because I bought them thinking I would have some boots to wear with them and never could find boots that fit my huge ass calves....but now? :D....and I have a great new cute as hell outfit to wear them with...now the question is what outfit to wear tomorrow?....hmmmm new cute as hell outfit? or an old one that people will think is new anyway? questions questions....

Dear boots,

I promise to not abuse you, let you fall in disrepair, or to ever take you for granted. Reward this loyalty with long life, good wear, and not turning my calves into the holocaust of irritation.

Thank you!

Your appreciative new owner,

Tags: funny shit to make me laugh

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