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Meet the Blahs!

I've been getting very nauseous out of the blue today....I run to the bathroom sure I'm going to puke my guts out, and then just as suddenly, it all passes.....freaky....of course my first thought out of my over-excited mind was "Oh God! I'm pregnant!"....but I'm sure that's not the case....(not to say that wouldn't be nice, but still unlikely)....wonder what's up with said stomach?

overslept this morning by an hour...was 1/2 hour late for work....damn Sims 2.....yes, I broke down and stupidly pulled out the Visa (newly christianed as the "Card of Terror" because of it's magical ability to levitate out of my purse, force itself into my hand, and make me buy things)....but it was sooooooooooo worth it....people may never see me again.

Isn't it sick and sad that I care more about my Sim's life than my own? I worked forever trying to get that damned thing to look like me....and it worked pretty well....Billy on the other hand *snort* is a perverse version...lol....and yes, I made the "Susan" sim fat, so :P....but I messed up I think....I probably should have put them in the same family so that I could get them to meet and fall in love, eh? Or perhaps with more playing I can get that to happen...One can hope....I must say that this version sooooooooooooo kicks anything else's ass....How I love me Sims.
Tags: funny shit to make me laugh, random thoughts

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