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"Nice to meet you stranger!": A Sim's memory

well it was bound to happen sometime, and last night was the time. Last night on the Sims, Billy Boyd met Susan Clark, in an arcade none the less. I swear, my heart jumped into my throat as if it were really happening...hehehe...They laughed, they chatted, Billy had Susan in stitches from jokes, They liked each other so well, but everytime Billy tried to give her a friendly hug, Susan would say, "No, no, now's not the time"....only later did I realize that Billy stank like hell :D....The same night, Billy invited Susan over for dinner (after the needed shower of course). And though Susan did not stay all that long, she has quickly become Billy's best friend, finally pushing all thoughts of the evil Tatiana out of his mind...Now all Billy can think of is marriage and babies, a fact that Susan is still not ready for, as she won't even let him hug her still. I'm going to have to slap Ms. Susan around a bit. YOU DON'T REFUSE TO HUG BILLY 5 TIMES! YOU DON'T EVEN REFUSE TO HUG HIM 1 TIME! IT'S BILLY BOYD FOR CHRIST'S SAKE!

ah well, being the photographer for the evening, I took tons of pictures of their first meeting (like the proud parent that I was :D) and a few of their date, and as soon as I can get the damn love going on I'll post some pictures....Once again, I repeat, Billy is all for the Susan, but Susan is acting like a freak in not loving the Billy....Will have to slap her around a little :).....
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