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The Season at Hand

I've heard people say that right around the time before they die, they mentally take stock of their life and memories. If that's true than I really hope that there are other times that you review your life, because lately I've been bombarded with all the sweet memories of my younger years...There's too much really to write about all of it, but if I keep writing entries of days ago, bear with, it's just how my mind has been lately.

This morning, my thoughts are drawn inexplicitely to the fall and winter days of college, which for me were the great years that they had always promised themselves to be. The best time of my life was not had in highschool (*shudder*) but in college, where I was finally out of the watchful eyes of a small town, and able to experiment, blossom and explore myself to my heart's content. Autumn and winter have always been my favorite months, which was no better seen during those years. I can remember driving with satan on our tails to creeks and prancing around like a wood nymph in my cape, playing in creeks, and cursing the inconsiderate asses that polluted my favorite hollows. At my first college, much of those seasons were spent outside in the "ravine" which was this fabulous place right outside my dorm door. There was an outside ampitheatre, benches, little trails, tucked away reading nooks, wonderful trees to climb, or just roots to prop yourself up on. So many days were spent there with notebooks and reading, usually I would sit and watch everything and expound upon it in poetry in a nice stoned out haze. Nights meant skulking around in the dark with the partner of my choice. Halloween would bring us traipsing around in full costume regaila performing rites of paganism. Or we would find nice spots to lay and watch the stars, discussing everything that our life would bring us. There was much fun to be had in the ravine. In the winter, I remember so clearly walking through the snow, with flakes still falling, and making out next to a building, in the shadows; all excitement and cold noses. I can still feel us sledding down makeshift sleds, screaming and laughing as if those days would never leave us. I remember stumbling around after a night class trying to catch the flakes of the first snow on my tongue, tripping over a large metal trash can, and breaking my toe (hehe). I remember first kisses there, and breakups.....for some reason, if there was an emotion to be had, it was the ravine that held it.....when I left that school for my second college, the ravine was one of the things that I missed the most. Today, I went trolling on the internet for a picture of my favored ravine. This is what I found:

panoramic clicky thing
panoramic 2

another thing of note, I was there when all these pictures were taken, and in the last picture of the huge snowfall in 98, we were snowed in our dorms for a week. We had to plunge through 2 ft of snow to get cigs and food...crazy times :)
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