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mama where are you? I'm freaking out, need to talk to you....i swear, I'm probably doing this stress to myself, and I won't say I'm convinced, but I will say that I'm rather intrigued by some evidence that points that I might just be, maybe, just a little bit pregnant....and I'm freaking out! Trying to make it through until lunch to take a home test, and I swear to god if it's positive, I'm running to my doctor for a blood test this afternoon.....

Evidence (noticed thus far):
1)Began with the weird nausea day, which has not plagued me badly since, but still am a tiny bit nauseous
2)Followed by extreme dizzy day, and am still finding myself light-headed every day since
3)Followed by everything tastes like mud day yesterday, which is going hand in hand with everything smelling horrible lately.
4)Followed by the realization that my boobs have been feeling strange, more sensitive, today seem swelled, and slight darkening at the aureola.
5)Followed by my insanity at not being able to remember the start date of last period which I think was pegged somewhere around September 4-8
6)Followed by much freaking out, and wondering if I'm not just going to get my period instead
7)Finished by realization that I did not have the crazy mood swing during ovulation this month that I had been having....
8)Followed by even more freaking out....

mama! Where are you??? Need mother assistance!
Tags: about me, random thoughts, stuff to avoid

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