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Congratulations! It's all in your head!

okay...well...took the pregnancy test at lunch and it said "not pregnant"...but I don't believe it...not really....because if I'm not pregnant, then that means something is wrong with me again...so we'll try not to worry and if in a week or two if I still haven't had a period, I'll test again, or end up going to the doctor to see what the hell's up...could be too early to tell....

was able to finally get ahold of mama, and she said that she had much of the same symptoms, including the dizzyness....so I don't know...she of course went into mama-mode and was all "have you been trying to get pregnant?" "have you been using precautions" (a negative on both)...so *big sigh*...can't say I'm not disappointed....:(....I hope that I have some definitive answers soon to what's going on with ye old body....
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