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hmmm...it was a long night...very pissy, but friends took some of that pissyness out of me...but went to bed very agitated and nauseous. Ended up puking my guts up, very nasty stuff....then threw up again this morning, although I wouldn't have thought I had anything left in there...still feel pretty sick....

had my move in this morning, which went not the way I planned (as usual). hopefully the rest of the day will chill out some and I won't have to deal with anymore bitchy people. Have only one more appointment for this afternoon, so I think I will end up getting on yahoo and talking to Crystal for awhile. Should be nice.

Happy that mom is coming tomorrow...gonna do my best to pick up (again!) the living room and try to take it easy this weekend. But you never know....

didn't watch the debate last night, don't really care about it, why listen to two people tell as many lies as they can fit into a couple hours...blah
Tags: political, random thoughts, work

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