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The hopefully not-so-rambling thoughts so far today

Things that Stress Me
1. Thinking that something is wrong with my physical body
2. Thinking that my posting her rent is why danu_2u is in the red
3. Not knowing how I'm getting lunch today as I am car deficiant
4. Realising that I will run out of cigs before the day is through.

5. Thinking about the Austin situation and what it would be like to live with him full-time

Things that Make me Smile
1. Long ass rant about "that time of the month". oh naamah_darling, how you made me laugh
2. Knowing that Chris and Tara are having their first ultrasound today
3. Knowing that the remainder of "The Dark Tower" awaits my last hell-bent reading.

Things that Confuse Me
1. Having another pregnancy test show up negative, even though symptoms continue, and as of yesterday am officially late.
2. Not knowing why I ever gave a positive reference for people that I would never rent to again
3. My hair, which despite all the kind words and then verbal threats refuses to look like human hair
Tags: about me, funny shit to make me laugh, random thoughts, rant

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