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Final Results: Insanity-3, Me-0

well, well, well....we have come to the impasse...the final bell has tolled. My body can't stop tricking me. I went to the doctor today and had the blood test done for pregnancy. Results: Negative.....and thus it all comes to an end, in tears, and hysterical barely audible conversations with my mother, and in the setting up of an appointment to get checked out by the doctor on Wednesday. Whatever is growing in me and making me symptomatic and sick, isn't a baby. I've just got to start believing that I'm not going to be a mother. Got to start believing it when they tell me it's unlikely.

So why do I feel like the biggest fool and latest victim of hysterical pregnancy? And why, oh why is my body trying to make me feel like I am? That my friends, we shall try to find out on Wednesday. Probably have to do some more blood work (even though they bruised me today), maybe an exam....we'll see....
Tags: about me, pcos, stuff to avoid

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