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If I had someone to snark, I'd still be bored

i am so fuh-reaking bored and my toe is aching because I stood too much today. I got very little done at work today because of Drama (big D people). So tomorrow I'm coming in, closing off the office, turning down the ringer, and working until it is all done....and when it's done, then and only then will I begin trolling through the internet....but as of now, I'm so bored that I can't even think of anything to look up online except for fairy pictures for a logo I'm working on....I need to find some pictures and I need to figure out how to paint one that looks as good as the ones the customer likes...argh! May be in for an all-nighter....we shall see....*sigh*

and in other news, I really need some new people to read on lj. I love the peeps I have, and am ready to branch out to read more. Anyone have any suggestions of who would be a good read?
Tags: random thoughts, work
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