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aww...to sleep perchance to dream

so there i was laying in bed, ambling through the channels, just waiting for x-files to come on....

feeling lonely while the boyfriend is playing in the living room on the computer, and so my thoughts ambled over to Mr. Billy Boyd, my favorite hobbit.....

I was wishing he was on tv, wishing that I could hear him sing again, especially since I had streamed a video of him singin "oh Jean" at the torn after-oscar party and had watched it and giggled over it all day at work, wishing I knew him in real life so that he could make me giggle like that all the time (damn the bad luck that I wasn't born Dom), wishing that he was there with me in bed, flipping through channels watching xfiles (*wink*)....

so that's where my thoughts were when I happened to flip on the Sharon Osborne Show, and who should be on? Why, my beloved Billy! And he sang!!!! *scream of ecstasy* He sang the best rendition of "Baby Hit Me One More Time" that I've ever heard! Especially good because I can't stand Britney. And I was like "Ooh billy, I didn't know you were into S&M" and "Gee, I really wish you'd put out an album of just your music" and "My heart is pounding so damn fast!" and "Wow, look at that! The power of thought has manifest itself on my tv! And if that's true, then I really need to start thinking some more!"

*giggle* over all, it worked out well, because as soon as Billy disappeared from Sharon's show, Xfiles finally came on....

Which brings me to my next point, I am so kicking the ass of whatever executive thought it would be good to preempt the Xfiles Syndication for Thursday night basketball games! Every freaking Thursday! Who gives a flying fuck? And to make matters worse, even after the game ends, then we must sit through 45 mins of idiot commentary by such notable speakers as Charles Barkley. To make my point for me, last night during their "oh so damn enlightening" commentary they decided to do this part with trick questions that they asked Charles. The few I saw were so stupid, for example, "Charles, some months have 31 days, some 30, How many months have 28 days?" Then Charles, after a long pause with screwed face, "Uh, oh! That's easy, just 1 month, no, .....yeah, just 1" Then they all laugh and they say "Hahahaha, all months have 28 days haahahaha!" Do they really want me to watch this drivel?

Soooooooooo, anyway...just wanted to blab....and show off the new avatar....Fool of a Took...hehehe, how cute!
Tags: billy, funny shit to make me laugh, night musing, random thoughts

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