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yay for me!

I feel like jumping over the world right now :)....I just finished making a logo for a friend of a friend's website...and let me tell you....it rocks so freaking hard that I can't stand it....lol....the hardest and best part was trying to find a fairy to go on top of the logo (a pentagram with the elements represented)....I was racking my brains and my google looking at fairy pictures. I finally found one with a great pose, and began the long tedious work of trying to paint it myself....halfway into it, I decided I wanted to change the face and hair (wasn't so hot on the original)....so I type in to look for royalty free pictures of women as inspiration, and lo and behold the very same fairy picture popped up during the search. I checked it out and by god! It was royalty free! So I ditched my crap ass painting and placed beautiful fairy in the right spot, and (damn it!) I was done! I hope to be able to link to the logo soon (want the commissioner to approve it first)....but by god, beautiful! Wish I could use it now...lol :D

and now, in a fabulous mood...I'm ready to have some fun, eat some dinner, and prepare for lost tonight :D
Tags: about me, random thoughts, website

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