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Weekend poll, soooooooo stolen

so...saw an excellent post from Ms. celticelff and decided that since I am facing an entire weekend alone (because the boyfriend is taking the child on a 3 day camping trip) starting tomorrow that I need to be productive...only thing is that I can't decide what to do. and per celticelff, I've decided to enlist some help....

Poll #370405 Weekend Shmeekend

And I should do what? (check all that apply)

Watch the three newest Netflix dvds
Begin sorting through the boxes of childhood stuff that mom dumped on me last weekend
Decorate the porch for Halloween
Buy, plan, and carve pumpkins
Go shopping for Halloween candy
Make up the candy bags for the kids on property
Finish compiling the folders for work that I've had sitting at home for a week
Play Sims 2 until I go insane
Cook a fabulous dinner for myself
Run around outside like a caped freak scarying all the neighbors

**Edit: *giggle* thanks to overwhelming support, I most definitely must run around outside like a caped freak scaring the neighbors...and scarying them too ;) Why is it that every poll I have that I put a "joke" answer in that's the one that you freaks always pick? lol...and they always seem to be the best ideas and work out well...perhaps I should follow that jovial voice in my head more often :D
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