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Dude, you soooo need a new answering machine

and NEW on the list of Unexplained Strange Things that Happen to Susan:

Just tried to call what was listed on an invoice as a business line for one of our vendors and received an answering maching message...Very strange indeed. It wasn't your typical message. In fact it sounded completely personal, wasn't addressing callers at all, and just may have been messages people had left him because it was "Time to wake up baby....honey?....I wanted to talk to you before I left. I'll try again later, love you baby.". I tried to call again, thinking I dialed the wrong number. Same result (personal messages left him), but different message (although thankfully the same woman's voice) "baby, just wanted to talk to you before I left. Talk to you later." ....I feel like a voyeur now...So thinking something was wrong with his answering machine, I called the second number listed as a business line and got the usual "you've reached______, leave a message"...strange strange strange.
Tags: funny shit to make me laugh, random thoughts

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