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So you want to know about friends filters?

Ever wanted to make those nifty friends filters but couldn't figure it out? Ms. Ema decided to do it today after wading through skip 600 for missing two days of entries....I thought, put the real live people on one, and communities on other....This may work unless lost and sims communities continue to be posting whores, in which case they shall get their own filters. So....for all who didn't know (and the ones that did should really have told me how freaking simple it is! *shoots evil eyes* ;) jk ), here's a totally simple tutorial:

Easiest way for me to get there was through the LJ sitemap, where I went to Edit custom friends groups. This page is the starting point. Click new, name your group, then using the highlight and push the arrow method, you slowly figure out who needs to be on the list of that group. Press save, and you're done. Then repeat process for however many groups you want.

Second, once again through the site map, I selected Create Friend filters, and then basically checkmarked which group I wanted to read on the friends page. It's that simple! DAMN, I tell ya....

However, if you hit friends again, you don't go back to those special filters, making it impossible to automatically ALWAYS open up on your special filter....I'm sure there is a way around that, but haven't figured it out yet....in the meantime, you can always view that filter by typing: http://www.livejournal.com/users/yourusernamehere/friends/yourfilternamehere For example, mine would be: http://www.livejournal.com/users/emaleythe/friends?filter=2 because my community filter is 2 (but named community queerly enough)

so what I did was save those to different filters to my links list so I can just click them from the main page....if anyone else knows something that would make it always open to one particular filter, fess up :D

Now, isn't that special?
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