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meme soooo stolen from royko

What would you do if...

You could travel anywhere for a week: I would fucking enjoy it, and go to Scotland immediately.

You were kidnapped by two large black men: That one is a little too close to reality. This time I would still try to use my wits to get out of it, but I think I would try to escape faster and try to get other people to notice the horrible situation I'm in.

You asked someone how far along they were and they weren't pregnant:Get very flustered, and stammer something about having heard that SOMEONE was pregnant and thought it was them :D.

You went deaf:Hmmm....I'd go on, but slowly feel like dying for lack for verbal stimulants.

You had a stalker:Celebrate, uhm, no seriously, I'd probably get all paranoid, and call the police.

Would you rather...
Be a rapist or a murderer:I'd never ever be a rapist, but could not see myself killing someone, unless I really really had to. So murderer I guess.

Live 10 years less or have a stub for an arm: Hmmmm....I'll take the 10 years less...must have both arms....now if the choice was a leg, I'd go for the stub for a leg

Be a liposuctionist or a mechanic: WTF? Is that even a question? Mechanic totally, I lurve tools and getting greasy....shut up, you guys, really :D

Die of drowning or dehydration:Ugh, neither....but if a choice....hmm...can't stand the thought of drowning....I'm going for dehydration

Fall in love knowing you will be separated or not fall in love at all:*sigh*...uhm...I guess I'd chose falling in love

Be ugly or fat:hmm, truth hurts. But I'd chose fat anyday. There's always hope that I loose weight, but you can never get less ugly unless you choose painful ridiculous surgery.

Be dead of emotion or sad all the time:Dead of emotion, who wants to be sad all the time?

Be deaf or mute:Mute, I could still type after all.

Live on the moon or under the sea:I know you expect me to say moon, but truly, I'd be a fish if I could...so sea it is.

Be too hot all the time or too cold all the time:Cold, without a doubt.

What's your favorite...and why?

Color?:Purple, it's very soulful and vibrant. Has always spoke to me.

Fruit Flavor?:Cherry, because it's yummy and sweet. Although I don't like real cherries that much :D

Cartoon Character?:Probably Cartman, because he says all the things that I always wanted to say but was too nice for :D.

Weather?:Aw, a crisp winter day with light snow falling. Always makes me happy and feel hopeful and romantic.

Are you...

Racist:Hmmm...I don't want to say no, because I know that I carry some predigious feelings at times, but I work on it.

Pretty/Handsome:I think that I can be pretty.

Political:Yes, but lately have been pulling the ostrich with head in ground trick.

Opinionated:Highly, highly opinionated, and will debate you in the ground.

Lovable:I think so.

Friendly:I can pretend to be friendly, but in honesty, absolutely not. I don't feel like a friendly type person.

Sexy:Oh yeah, lol, really I am...

Trendsetting:Hmmm....that's up to debate, although I have found that through life, I thought something was cool and did it, and months later it seemed it would catch on...so maybe? but not on purpose. I do what I want.


In love:Yes

Finish the sentence...

Get your hands off my:Billy! No, seriously, lay off Ally.

I love it when you: do that little happy dance.

Remember that time we:went riding in the car stoned, and you thought it would be a great idea to try and jump out of a moving car to see if you could land on your feet, turn around, and run and jump back into the moving car? And you jumped out, stood for a second and then were mowed down by an invisible force that had you wiping your ass off the pavement? hehehe, god, I remember that so well.

Why don't you just:fuck off.

I told you to stop:but you never listen. But now you'll learn.

I really love your:resistance to demands to conform.
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