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Like everyone else, I'm anxious about the vote....

i am nauseous...and all pins and needles waiting until tonight. I want to know that the four year nightmare of Bush being our President is over. I want to open my eyes in the morning and know that some sanity has come back into America. I want the world to stop hating us so much. I want to be able to say President again without feeling like I need to spit. I want to feel safe in the knowledge that the Bush family war OF terror is finally over again (at least until the children start running). Four years ago I felt different. I felt that there was no way in hell America would be stupid enough to give the presidency to George Bush. So I voted, and then watched the insanity that unfolded. This year, when I voted, I was surrounded by Bush supporters, feeling much like Daniel in the lion's den. I have personally pissed off at least five people today because of my votes.....and you know what? so what! So what if my coworker got mad and stomped out of my office because I told him that gay people ARE normal and that the law should be based on something other than Christian morality? So what if my mother thinks I wasted my vote?

I took a long quiz today to see which way I agree with the candidates, according to that my constant debate between Kerry and Nader was accurate, I agree with them both equally 44% each. So I guess it was understandable but doesn't ease my mind anymore....

Please God, please let the Bush reign be over.
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