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WTF America?

I woke up this morning, still under the haze of the Tylenol PM's I took to get to sleep last night and was told first, "It's still not over. Ohio and a few other states still haven't been called." And then depression sunk in as I stared at the tv....another four years. It's happening all over again. America is still over half filled with flag waving, bible thumping motherfuckers who want to die. Want to have the world hate us, want to be placated with "lower taxes" and no healthcare. Even worse, 3/4 of the people in 11 states believe homosexuals to be subpar humans. Yes, we fought the good fight, but that still doesn't overthrow idiocy. I don't know how to deal. Half the country is celebrating, while the other half of us are spiraling into a dark depression. I don't know what to believe. Do I accept that Bush won? Or do I hold out hope for the counting of the absentee and provisional ballots? If I hold out the hope and Kerry still looses, it will be worse. Do I have to remind all of you the horrid backlash of Florida last time? Do I have to tell you that if they end up tied that it's just as bad as if Bush freaking won yesterday?....

What the fuck is wrong with you people? Why the fuck did you do this? How can you stand behind your religion and stand up for a man whose family has not only perpetuated hate, but also murdered, maimed, cheated, stole, and in general practices not only bad ethics but poor humanity? George H.W. Bush was the devil, there is no doubt in my mind. He perpetuated his hate while leader of the CIA, he contributed in the entire Iran-Contra affair, he started a war in order to gain American support, but thankfully America woke up and got Clinton ending the 12 years of Republican bullshit. George W. Bush is a puppet. He wants to make his daddy proud by continuing their criminal acts, by continuing to widen the indifference and hate of the rest of the world towards us. He wants us to put blind trust in our hearts, with flags on our cars, and all of us out singing "God Bless America" and "Hail to the Chief". Why don't we just say "Hile Bush" while we're at it?

I will not wait 12 years to bring this country back to a short time of sensible Democrat rule! I will not stand around and watch this country deny the very Constitution it was built on. I will not watch the preversion of the human spirit and freedom by laying quietly while the Republicans try to ruin this world. I will not. The way I see it, civil disobedience is very important. And I hope like hell that if Bush is decided the winner ultimately, that an impeachment opportunity comes fast and swift. You are so going down Dubya....I hope you know it. I hope you fear it. Half of America may not know your evilness yet....but they will...they will.
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