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wow....my mom posted my dream from the other day in a dream interpretation site, and below is the email interpretation she was sent....all I can say is that it warms my heart and makes me sad at the same time....

"Wow Marie, this is a wonderful dream. It is more like reading a love story. I loved it!!

This dream says to me that your daughter and Nick have a very close bond. Maybe they are not together in this lifetime, or right now, but they are soulmates and have known each other before and were together or are together in another time/universe.

Since your daughter put her arms around Nick's neck, this is showing how much she cares for him and she is willing to "stick her neck out" to show him. He held her hand and that symbol represents "getting in TOUCH with your feelings."

I think what the pictures represent is the number 2, like a couple, but also since you were all together in the picture it also represents one. I imagine you are very close with your daughter, so what better way to represent how closely connected these two are by them both having a picture of them together with their moms. Like they come from the same source (but shown as different moms or then they would be brother/sister.

I don't know if you believe in twin flames, but that is what I feel here in this dream. I know it is a label like soulmates and even though we have many doesn't mean that we are supposed to be with them in this life.

This dream was just like a big affirmation and gift from spirit of how connected these two are!

Wow, just beautiful.

That is my take! Have a great day! Love ya"

wow...and here I was just thinking that he made me all quivery :D
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