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feel like I've been running a marathon. Haven't been around much this week so far, still trying to read up on everyone's lives....you guys write tons :D....

had an awful toothache that kept me out of work until today. decided it's not going away, sucked it up, took some tylenol and came anyway. The dentist appointment isn't for another week and a half though :~(...crop of shit....been playing a lot of sims and have finally allowed two of my characters to age to elder *sniff*...still can't let my own character yet...but I'll work on it, I promise...maybe if I can just make her extremely skilled and happy I'll feel better about seeing my character die....maybe....

I've done so much work today that this is the first time all day that I've checked email or even thought about working on LJ...guess that happens sometimes...well....that's it....gonna go read LJ, then go home, wash dishes and cook dinner, and watch Lost over dinner and cookies with my best friend....ah...how much I do love Wednesdays with Catherine
Tags: about me, random thoughts

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