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Coughs and comments

*clears throat* *and again* *and again*....there...better...*clears throat*...k, good...*hard swallow, clears throat*...I SAID GOOD.....ahem...okay...so...god gives you a toothache, then you get a sinus infection, when you are almost feeling better, mother nature decides to slap you with PMS, and then your monthly....so you're doubled over, bleeding like a stuck pig, headache pounding, throat raw like sewage, and you want to squish everyone's head. Instead, you're tired, depressed, and waiting until Wednesday, when you can drown your grief in some fanciful unrealistic island of mysterious beautiful people. Then you get on Livejournal and the small amount of energy that you saved up (just for that I might add) gets sucked out of you when you realize that so many people have written that you can't possible ever catch up...So you read, don't comment, and then waste the rest of your waking life in Sims 2, only to realize that it's now midnight, you've accomplished nothing, and damn it, your elderly Sim people still haven't died....*sigh* seriously though, why the fuck won't they die? They are both in their 70's, fit as fiddles, maxed on almost everything...yet they live! they live!.....

not to be whining, but I do feel a lot better, the tooth hardly hurts, and my throat and ears are feeling somewhat better, course I'm still pumping myself full of advil for the cramps (gah I say!), but am doing mostly better. It's felt good to hide from it all this last week and a half, though I'm sure my friend Chris is about to murder me....I guess sometimes you even need to get away from the internet (dare I say it?)...crazy, but true....

Thanks for all the love and all, I swear y'all's well wishes sped my recovery, and I totally promise to comment now :)
barefootatkheb: woot on everything...glad you get a break from homework and appointments, fill those days with LOST :D
celticelff: Read about the baby in your entry (yeah for fwoot feeling the kick!), and all the snow snow snow...hoping pixie gets home safe and sound
devvie:totally killed me with all the links :), been making me read my ass off lately
danu_2u:I'm with you 110% with anything in your life...I just know that taking this year is going to make all the difference for you, as long as you feel that you gave it your all
jupitergirl: been reading about all your job and friend strife, hoping it all gets easier as it goes along
royko: You never fail to amaze me...you should have given the DMV hell
Tags: flist love, funny shit to make me laugh, random thoughts

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