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Long live Lukas

Last night on the Sims, I lost my first Sim to the gruesome hold of death. Lukas Boyd, beloved son of Billy and Susan Boyd, died at the age of 80 after a long and well-lived life. Having reached the top of his business career, and maxing all but 2 skills, Lukas was ushered into the afterlife by an island adventured Reaper, who was taking Lukas off to costar in Lost. Despite his troubled teen years, where he spent more time stressing over social life than homework, and despite his early misadventures in whoredom during his young adult life, Lukas died happy. He successfully maneuvered himself out of three previous death attempts by me, the said creator, when he whined his way out of the death pool (making me give him a damn ladder), survived multiple shocks during shoddy repairs, and miraculously was saved last minute by fire which almost killed his wife by accident. None of which would have ever happened if he would have just agreed to marry Demi when I told him to (which ultimately finally did occur in his late adult life). He is survived by his mother, Susan Clark Boyd and father, Billy Boyd (yes I still haven't let them age), his sister Rain, his wife Demi (Love), his two children Siren and Pippin, and two grandchildren Dominic and Lukas II. He will be sadly missed. Arrangements are being held daily (sometimes hourly) at the Love residence in Verona. Just look for the festooned tombstone past the telepromter.

Pictures of Lukas's last few happy days of career success and woohooing to follow.
Tags: funny shit to make me laugh

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