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Life in There

Thought I would share a few pictures of me in There....just to get them seen :)....since my friend Danu has already spilled the beans and told everyone how devilish I am (heheh) I decided I would show a different side of me just being sweet and not so innocent....

See! I told you I was innocent! This is emaleythe, casually stealing The Good Witch Glenda's skirt for a little picture I like to call "Goth Glenda". This was taken in Munchkin village during There's Wizard of Nene events. You will notice the appearance of my friend Rocinante's typical Hawaian-shirted arm and the arm of Kale, another oh-so-wonderful friend. Maybe at some point I'll get some good pics of those guys :) lol.

Ah, isn't that romantic? A nice fire, some drinks....we would have it going on....that is if I wasn't alone. hehehe...let's see if we can remedy that.

And now a picture to show my sweet, and not so innocent side, and to prove that I'm not always alone in romantic spots....This is my best friend, Danu, and I sharing a drunken moment in a There hottub at our friend Steve's house. Let me assure you, all the guys were hanging onto this picture at night. Plus this just proves my point, I'm not the only crazy one :).....And, yes, we do have bikinis on...Not that you can tell in Tyr.

So that's There! The wonderful world that has stolen me away from the world of MIRC. The same crazy, silly, depressed, wonderful, hateful, opinionated people tend to be drawn to both...but There is a wicked obsession that will forever be leeching my bank account.
Tags: funny shit to make me laugh, pictures!, there

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