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Yoohoo! I'm going on like zero sleep here :D

GOOD MORNING! It's a be-a-U-tiful day, isn't it? (commence laugh track with a golly "hardy har har") No, seriously folks, I can just tell that today is going to be an adventure. Yes, an adventure through the strange land of America. An adventure that I wouldn't be caught dead at without my trusty sidearm (hardy har har). I woke up yesterday afternoon (yes, as in yesterday at 1:00 PM) and did not think that today would be soooooooo much fun, unfortunately, I never got to contemplate today over sleep. Instead, I spent the night with the most insane case of insomnia that I've had in years! No sleep for the wicked I always say (titters from the crowd). So I got dressed, slapped on some makeup (gasps and murmurs of approval for the makeup, which hasn't been seen at work in...well, a blue moon), grabbed a cup of coffee (double gasp and ruminations on how the ulcer must like that), put on the new coat (which may I say is sooooo beautiful and perfect as a black wool double breasted pea coat...oo la la), and went to work ( are you ready for it?) EARLY at 7:30 AM. I arrive with a purpose. I take the rest of the Autumnal decorations down and march them outside for storage, greeting residents as I go, and then drag out the Christmas decoration bin to the office. I then proceed back to storage to rummage up the tree, and take that into the office, before sweeping up the laundry area and the office. Then, at exactly 8:01 AM, life stopped. I was faced with calls from residents, bad news from the maintenance man, more visits from residents and several calls for applications. Argh, sad I.....and so I am now prepared for a long, tedious, headachy day with a dollop of giddyness and slaphappyness....bring it, I say....and bring it they shall...why there's the phone again! (begins laughing silently to self...holding back sobs...hehehe, just kidding :)....) It's good to be back....(begins mantra: "I love my job. I love my job. I love my job.")...
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