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well...been christmas shopping with Jason today for Austin's presents....and I broke down and bought Austin some more things, because I can't stand it if he's sad on Christmas morning. But I didn't spend too much. First, we went to Toys R Us (a complete madhouse today) because 2 months ago Jason told Austin that he would get him a Roc Writer for Christmas. Only thing was, Jason couldn't find it anywhere. So we scoured and pushed our way through the throg and eventually found what we sought. Jason bought it, and we were on to the Dollar Tree, where we loaded up on all sorts of cute little toys for Austin to round out his presents. Still can't figure out what to get his mother for Christmas. At this point, I feel like saying fuck it, and let it all just go away...She's an impossible woman to buy for, as she already has it, or Jason's father is buying it. I told him that I think we should get her a gift certificate for Bed, Bath, and Beyond and just forget about trying to please her. She's just too damn picky.

We did other various shopping before coming home and trying our hands at making Christmas Candy. I had bought a pretty little tin to fill up for my resident worker for Christmas, and I pulled out the family recipe for "Puppy Chow" to make. Basically, it's totally not as gross as it sounds. It's Crispix, peanuts, and pretzel sticks all mixed together with melted almond bark. It's definitely a sweet party favorite :D. Well, I made sooooooooooo much that now we have the resident workers tin, as well as four other tins full of the stuff. So Catherine, be on the lookout for a tin for your whole family. But warning, waaaaaaaaaaay addictive.

Then Jason felt a little cooky, and decided to make homemade hot chocolate...mmm mmm good. Nothing beats the taste of Real hot chocolate.....except maybe the French hot chocolate that is really thick that you dip hard bread into...mmmmm.....

Stop talking about food!....ok...so I broke down and washed dishes, I'm restoring my photoshop brushes and fonts (as well as assorted other things) onto my computer...and now I'm thinking of wrapping up the rest of the presents and cleaning the living room....I feel really unsettled tonight, as if it's going to be one of those long nights of insomnia....I just am thinking of too many things.

Tomorrow, I have to go to my mother's community choir Holiday concert, and do the office work that I brought home. Perhaps I will stay up a little bit late tonight and watch the other four alias episodes that I have burned. So far, I've managed to make it all the way through season one, and the first 4 episodes of season two. I have this sick goal of catching up on 66 episodes before Season 4 starts in January. Guess all you can say is good luck.

All of my friend's holiday cards are in the mail and a few of my families. Now I just have to get through all the aunts, uncles, and cousins....Sheesh, what a time.

*****Note to the evil empress of this body, Susan: This week will be a productive week. You will run an ad in the paper for move ins. You will complete all paperwork the day it is assigned. You will make new folders for the past two month's move ins, and order all the folders that you have out. Once complete, you will begin the file audits with unit 1, and schedule the rest so that all files will be in order by your inspection on Jan. 11. You be courteous to all who enter the office, despite being busy. You will not gossip, thereby freeing your time for work. You will use your evenings as Ema's time for play, rest, and catching up with loved ones. This will be a happy productive season.
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