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1. Wash every possibly dirty dish in the house.
2. Watch as much Alias as you have.
3. Pretend to want to wrap christmas presents, say fuck it, and leave paper strewn on floor.
4. Wash three more loads of laundry
5. Read a wonderful, yet lengthy post from Javi (best lesson? "if you ever have to stop to think whether or not you are "the guy" - you're not "the guy"" hehehe, so fucking true)
6. Contemplate writing a convuluted rhyming poem about not seeing spoilers on the EE Rotk...decide against it when you're halfway through
7. Get in bed, cuddle up to sickly, snoring boyfriend, get pissed because he's sleeping, then get up again.
8. Avoid all entries that further your bout of insomnia, such as this. *shudder*
9. Drive yourself insane thinking about what hot sex Vaughn and Sydney would have (mmmm...now there's some porn I need to read)
10. Wonder why the hell Jennifer Garner makes such crap movies when she's in such a kickass show.
11. Use fucked up words like pervert, decided, and peony in Google image searches, thus finding very scary sites such as Lambuel and some really hot pictures of Michael Vartan (the aforementioned Vaughn...yummmmmy)
12. Realize that though I said I was not getting all hot on any guys in Alias, I soooooooooo am getting hot for Vartan....but I liked the show first, I promise!
13. Run to Photoshop some pictures of aforementioned hottee.....*giggle* wanna see? ok, you twisted my arm...now tell me that this man isn't hot....
That was my first ever colorized bw....from this picture

okay...okay...feeling tired-er...gonna try to catch four hours of sleep before work...try being the operative word
Tags: funny shit to make me laugh, photoshop, pictures!, random thoughts

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