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Deconstruction of a thought, part deux

first I thought of the song "What if God were one of us" and thought bitterly to myself that if he was I bet he'd be as worn down and broken as all the rest of us. Then I remember that even in his earlier manifestation on earth, he lost his cool and blew up in the church, and that he too was bitter, and tired, and apathetic at times. Then I felt a little bit better because I totally blew up at a tenant earlier and feel, like Jesus blowing up in the church, that it was justified anger. So I start thinking about the song again, and all of a sudden, out of nowhere, my head filled with singing and I heard this:

What if Boyd was in Alias? (To the merry little tune "What if God was one of us?")

If Billy was a spy, who would he work for?
And if it was for Sloan,
Would I still love him?
In all his beauty,
how could Sydney not love him?

and yeah, yeah, Boyd is great.
Yeah, Yeah, Boyd is good
Yeah, yeah, yea-yeah-yeah

What if Boyd was in Alias?
Just a spy on Alias?
Unable to discuss
what he's doing in Rome?

If Billy was disguised, what would he look like?
And would I laugh,
if he looked really stupid.
And if I laughed,
would he kill me
in front of people, like Vaughn and Sydney?

And yeah, yeah, Boyd is great.
Yeah, Yeah, Boyd is good.
Yeah, yeah, yeah-yeah-yeah

What if Boyd was in Alias?
Just a spy in Alias?
Unable to discuss,
Who is talking on the phone?

okay...so I'm not only insane, but also a self-justifying insane person with too much on the brain....oh well...at least it amused me
Tags: billy, funny shit to make me laugh

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