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Gacked from allthatishippie
I. Reply to this post with your name, because I would like to say a couple words about you.
II. I will also tell you what BAND reminds me of you when I hear it.
III. I will also tell you what celebrity/movie character/public person you remind me of, either personality-wise or looks-wise.
IV. I will also give ONE WORD that I associate with you when I think of you.
V. We all could use a boost now and then, so steal this for your journal and make someone else's day as well

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12 Serenades or Sing a Song
devvie From: devvie Date: January 4th, 2005 07:46 pm (UTC) (Link)
*smiles shyly and runs*
emaleythe From: emaleythe Date: January 4th, 2005 09:25 pm (UTC) (Link)
I. My pammy, I first met you on irc in #depressed, and you were one of the first people to welcome me. When I was so down that I considered leaving this plane of existance, you were there. When people were snarky and said things I couldn't stand, you were there. Whenever my life fell into pieces, you helped me pick them back up and offered to help glue. I've left irc, but you are still here helping me daily, offering beautiful gems of light to hold on to on my worst days, yet you two suffer and are so honest with the pain, and for that I love you.
II. heheh, this one is hard....I'm going to break the rules and tell you what song reminds me of you: "I can see clearly now" because that's how you make me feel.
III. It's funny that you mentioned her, but you really do make me think of Sandra Bullock, who portrays laughter and pain so beautifully.
IV. One word? about Chelsea? because everytime I hear that name I think of you and your beloved doggy and smile.

devvie From: devvie Date: January 4th, 2005 09:38 pm (UTC) (Link)
Oh my God that is so sweet. I love you!!
emaleythe From: emaleythe Date: January 4th, 2005 09:39 pm (UTC) (Link)
and I love you!
From: my_seasons Date: January 4th, 2005 09:14 pm (UTC) (Link)
It is I *cough*
emaleythe From: emaleythe Date: January 4th, 2005 09:38 pm (UTC) (Link)
I. *giggle* Let's see, my darling Catherine.....We met just little over a year ago, but I was instantly drawn to you. You know how I feel about "my people", and you know that you will always be one of them. I only hope to understand one day why we decided to meet each other in this life as friends rather than family, because you feel so much like the sister I should have had. You have brought so many things back to my life that I thought would remain deadened: writing, paganism, true friendship, honesty, impartiality, laughter, responsibility, inspiration,and love. I have so much feeling for you, in so many ways. If anything has brought back the wicked little gleam in my eye, it has been you. It was never a question for me when you decided to move down here that our friendship would grow, because I knew before I ever saw you how natural and right it felt. Having you in my life during this last tough year has saved me. I will always love you.
II. Flogging Molly reminds me of you because of their fun bouncyness, and great connection to their native roots. They feel very earthy and visceral to me, and so do you.
III. hmmm....Sydney Bristow? me, you remind me of Dante Rossetti, poet/painter. He was a great artist, filled with insight and dream, but always played second fiddle to the people he surrounded himself. In his painting, his other Pre-Raphaelite buddies are better known and shown, yet his works top theirs in vision. In his poetry, his sister took top billing, although his were just as worthy. But like Rossetti, I prefer you over all others.
IV. Natural honesty. Yes that's two words, but I want to stress that with you it's not just namby-pamby honesty, but very direct, base, bare honesty. That is all.
ziyal From: ziyal Date: January 4th, 2005 10:19 pm (UTC) (Link)
*shyly waves*
emaleythe From: emaleythe Date: January 4th, 2005 10:41 pm (UTC) (Link)
I. Alex...I feel like I lucked up getting to meet you, not just in our circumstances of meeting (through Crystal's journal) but also in the fact that you are a delight to know. At first I didn't know what to think of you, I thought could your bubbliness be for real? But then I relaxed, and realized, that yes, yes it can. You give me hope because you seem so much like the optimist to me, which is something that I've always struggled with. I feel I don't know enough about you yet, but welcome each new detail and story that you tell. With hope, our friendship will extend beyond fandom (although our fandom friendship truly rocks!)because I sense that there is a lot more beneath the surface with you...and yes, I think that you do kick balls ;).
II. The only band that reminds me of you is the Polyphonic Spree because like listening to them, talking to you is always upbeat and refreshing.
III. one is so hard for me on everyone's response. In many ways, I think that you resemble the personality of Jeanine Garofalo in that you are amusing, but with a little bite of intelligence and sarcasm.
IV.Optimism, always
ziyal From: ziyal Date: January 5th, 2005 09:11 am (UTC) (Link)
*sniff sniff*

wipes away a tear and blows nose*

awwwwwwwwwwwww, thank you so much darling!!! I also enjoy every minute with you online!! I hope that we keep in touch as long as possible and will chat and talk more often in the future!!
thank you again for the wonderful and touching words and there ARE lots and lots of more details I can tell you about myself, funny stuff but also sad moments......if you are intersted, you know where to find me eh???

see you verreh soon!!<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3
From: ex_tarnishe998 Date: January 4th, 2005 11:20 pm (UTC) (Link)
* sneaks in quietly *

emaleythe From: emaleythe Date: January 5th, 2005 03:41 pm (UTC) (Link)
I. My Crystal. I've long considered you my doppleganger for awhile and made multiple marriage proposals over the last 6 months. I first discovered your website, long before I discovered that you were also in one of the various Billy Boyd communities that I frequent. Your stories were enchanting, but it was your multimedia page that kept drawing me. Through you, I found the link to ordering Pandemoniumfromamerica, for which I will be forever grateful. Then your drawings and digital works began to show up and I was drawn to you in that way. I friended you short after and began to learn the person that you are. Throughout the time that I've known you I've felt fiercely loyal and protective towards you, feeling like just one of the army of your supporters. We've laughed sillily over things, we've mourned great losses in both of our lives, and made mad proposals about meetings and photoshoping. I've always recognized in your eyes a companion soul, sometimes I feel like we've been living through the same struggles with different lives. Either way, I consider you a friend, as real and as true as if you lived around the block from me. I look forward to spending time with you when the LOTR exhibition comes to Ohio, know that I shall come with it. Much love to you, always and forever.
II. I'm always remind of you when I hear of World Without Sundays because of well (isn't it obvious?)the Dom-connection. I've yet to be honored by hearing their music, despite my trying to find them for so long.
III. Hard one again....let's see....Can I take the easy way out and say Dom? This question wouldn't be hard for me if you guys were just all famous already :)
IV. Bittersweet would be the word, it describes to me your life, your work, and your words.
From: ex_tarnishe998 Date: January 5th, 2005 07:04 pm (UTC) (Link)
My dear Ema... reading your answers was just the thing I needed to ease my heart of the sadness that has filled it over the last six days I've spent writing my story COME WHAT MAY ( it continued on btw )

Just as you, I feel as though you live just around the block and I would give anything to only have it be true. The time until the LOTR exhibition comes this way may be long off, but I will be waiting with full anticipation until we can go. However, I am sure that I will manage to find my way to Glasgow before then!

When I see Billy I am always reminded of you. In a way you both seem so much alike. An outward appearance that doesn't seem to reflect what is truely within ( if that sounds right... like looking all sweet and innocent but a wild child inside so to say ).

Anytime I listen to my celtic CD's I always think of you and if I were to pick one word to describe you it would be "beautiful", because on both the inside and the outside you are!

* hugs *
12 Serenades or Sing a Song