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Work is now censored...

Censorship is bad people...bad. It's bad that I've been linked to two journals in the past week where the writer was fired for what they said about work in their journals. It's bad that they have said nothing worse (and in some cases much less worse) than what I've said myself. It's bad that a company can take an obscure clause in their policy to fire and individual for basically writing in a diary. It's bad that some people have nothing better to do than to care how they look in anonymous people's eyes. It's bad, but it happens.

Based on that, you may notice some changes to my journal past and present. I have decided that in the future, mentionings of work shall be limited to friends only, and locked for all others. (So mother, if you want to know how I am, you might need to start a journal just so I can friend you-call if you need assistance with that) I have personally gone through each and every entry and locked anything that seemed....derogatory or incriminating towards work or my own personal habits.

I also must say that I have complained about work a bit toooooooo much for my liking and will try to refrain in the future. However, considering that much of my life is spent at work, this will severely limit my writing :D....

I love you all, please keep yourselves safe out there (if ever there was an argument for working for yourself, this would be it).
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