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when I was a lot younger (circa 1988 or so) I used to have reoccuring dreams of being in New York City and meeting a guy named Chris Columbus. In the dreams, he'd always be this nice dark handsome man, and he was supposed to be the famous movie director. In my dreams, we'd always make some joke about his name and we'd fall in love, yada yada yada.....it never occurred to me until right now that I have no idea what Chris Columbus, the director, even looks like....and I find it quite odd that I used to dream about falling in love with a perfect stranger who just so happens to have now directed the first two Harry Potter movies, many other movies I've loved, and now is directing the movie of Rent.....so in the spirit of memory making, I have googled a picture of the mysterious Chris Columbus.....and well....that could be my Chris...but I'm not sure....so weird though....

btw...it's freaking cold in here! and even freaking colder out there!

tonight is my birthday revisited, since "The Phantom of the Opera" didn't come out here in time for my birthday, and since we had an awful ice storm that day and I didn't get to go out to the Thai place for dinner and my movie, I enforced the "raincheck rule". So tonight, I'm going to live it up as if it was my birthday, I'm going to see the phantom and it shall be Thai Palace for me! (that last bit I heard in my head as Gollum's voice "for meeeeeeeeee!" *giggle*) Best part? dragging my boyfriend along to a romantic musical (*snort*) and getting to make him suffer by repeatedly saying "but it's my birthday *whine*".....wheeeeeeeeee! Think I can get free desert somewhere? lol


hoping to have a nice weekend all warm and cozy in my house catching up on lj, and finally downloading all the ORC clips I can muster.


worried about cyrstalgamgee, wondering what's going on with her and the reason behind her proposed LJ absence....will be thinking about her a lot.


I'm thinking about dropping some people off my friends list because either I've decided that they tire me out with their magically energy vampirism through their entries, or because I've really forgotten what I even liked about them to add them in the first place. If this happens (huge if), please understand that it's not you...ok, it is you, but I mean, it's you and me...you're just not what I need in my life for now. And most likely, you don't need me either....I've always hated people that make those entries telling everyone to comment to be kept, and would never dream of doing that. I just think a friend's list should be people that I actually want to stay caught up on....for the most part, I'm finding I've adding a lot of people who I feel I should be interested in, but actually aren't.....of course all the people I comment on regularly, or people who get to talk to me all the time know I love them....but there are others who I love who never realize it, and there are many who I simply just don't have the time for....I guess what I'm trying to ramble on about is that all of you are good people, but not all of you actually make a difference to my life. If I started listing those who did, well y'all would be here all day....just saying....so maybe when all is said and done I'll have cut like 5 of you....which makes this whole entry pointless....yes, my precious it does....

and I will say this, out of the 5 friends who at one point or another made "cutting flist" posts, I've been cut 4 times....so i know how much it sucks....but, since most of my entries are public, it won't bite nearly as much......blah, shut up Susan


lest anyone think I haven't been doing all the memes that are going around, let me tell you that I have, but the answers bored me so badly, that I didn't even feel compelled to post them....I'm boring myself with myself...how terribly unfortunate.

and now for a general self-pimp....I've been nominated to be locked up on February 3rd for a Muscular Dystrophy event. I'm supposed to be raising bail from charitable offers in the amount of $750, in order to be set free. Try though I may, I've only managed to scrounge up $45....If anyone here would like to donate money to help me get out of jail, please email me at emaleythe@gmail.com. It is of course tax deductible, and you can contribute with cash, check, or credit card. I really really need some more bids....HELP!
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