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Phantom, Indian Food, the last of it's kind, and gushyness

Last night....ah, last night.

So last night was my birthday revisited right? Jason got home a little late from work, which worked well because I took that time to do my hair and slap on some makeup. We dressed up, looking quite smashing, and headed off to Bowling Green. The Phantom was only showing at one theatre, at 7:00 or at 10:00. I decided that since all the restaurants would be closed if we went to the 7 showing that for once, we'd make a full night of it and go to the 10. So we bought tickets for the later showing, then rode off to eat at the Taj Palace, which we initially had thought was going to be a nice little Thai place. In fact, it was Indian food (which in my mind is all the better). As soon as we walked in the door, I was in heaven. The place was beautifully decorated and even had the whole cloth napkins in the glasses thing. The smell of eastern spices wafting around was intoxicating. We settled in at a nice little semi-private table and began making some hard choices on what to order. It all sounded sooooooo good. I had a terrible time decided, and placated my incompetance with the flat bread that was delivered to the table. We ultimately decided to try little bits of everything. I ordered a lentil soup, Jason ordered a nice cheese naan, and we both were intrigued by the mango shake and ordered two of those.

First of all, the mango shake isn't like a milk shake. Instead it was a delicious concoction of imported mango juice and pulp mixed together with cream. It was served only semi-cold, and from the first sip I was in love. While enjoying my soup, we ordered our entrees; chicken saag for me and lamp masala for Jason. Every bite was insanely good, and for my tongue that was so bored of food, this all served as a wakeup call. We had the best dinner that we'd had in a long time, truly enjoying each other and conversation. We didn't even bicker once, which for us is a major undertaking. We begged out of desert, but I did manage to take home enough leftovers that I sent myself into heaven again today :). The entire experience was refreshing, the servers and the hosts were very attentive, if not even flirty. I felt like I found a new place to obsess over.

While eating, I was thrown into memory land thinking about the first time I ever had Indian food. It was San Francisco, I was 19 or 20, and I was traveling with about 30 people for an honor's conference where I was presenting a research topic (be damned if I remember what though). There was this professor, Mick Lewis, who was quite obsessed with anything Indian and he decided he was going to take us all out. I was soooooooooo enamored of him, and immediately tagged along. Mick and I had a very strange relationship, I swear he was the closest I ever came to having an affair with a teacher. I was so turned on in his classes by his immense knowledge, and for some reason he always gave special attention and care to me. When we went on trips, I was always at his right hand. If we were at a special event, he'd always come by with a pat on the shoulder, or as an escort at my elbow, telling me how beautiful I looked that night. *happy sigh* He was very special.....So when we went to the restaurant, he sat me beside him and asked very eagerly if I had ever eaten any Indian food. I told him that I hadn't and he smiled largely and promised that I was going to have a great night. He took over all the ordering and I swear he ordered one of everything on the menu, sometimes two or three. When the food came, he pushed things on my plate, bread after bread, hot dishes, soup...*giggle* funny story about the soup, he had ordered some dahl soup, and when he saw I didn't have any, he pushed his bowl to me and said, "You must try this Susan! Here!" and practically forced me to eat it...of course it was great, and nothing was better than getting to eat after him ;)...lol.....anyhoo, the other weird thing is that when we ate the food in San Francisco, we went to see The Phantom on stage that night....seemed like such a strange coincedence.

After dinner, we wasted a couple of hours in Target and Best Buy (as always, Best Buy is like crack), and then we ventured back out into the cold ass wind to see the movie. The movie was soooooooooooooo good, I was in awe. My only complaint is that the singing was a little too rockstar and not so much broadway, but otherwise wonderful version of the stage production. The woman playing Christine, (for the life of me can't remember her name) was fecking gorgeous and is now the queen of facial expressions. And of course, Gerard Butler? *faints* Even when he's made up to look like the phantom, and even without his gorgeous accent, that man is fecking hot! And when he and Emmy (that's her name) are up on the balcony during Don Juan Triumphant, all groping each other? I swear I was so hot at that moment, it was all I could do to not leap over and jump Jason. I cried at the end, always cry, I love the Phantom, and no matter how many times I see it, I always want Christine to just kick Rauol to the curb and go away with the Phantom. I will always have a soft spot in my heart for the book Phantom by Susan Kay because she leaves the story with Christine and Erik (the Phantom) having a child and that Christine visits with the Phantom once a year *happy sigh*....I think the movie made it abundantly clear that Christine did love the Phantom but was turned off by his ventures into horror. Love the movie, am going to see it again when it comes to Glasgow.


while writing this lovely entry I have been enjoying the last piece of pumpkin praline cheesecake in the entire state of Kentucky until next year. How sweet it is. Jason brought it home tonight for my culinary pleasure. be jealous, be very jealous.


I did manage to spend the day catching up on LJ (went skip750) and I was gushing over all the ORC reports and videos. Should anyone know of any Billy videos out there, please link me....Sadly, there were all too few of those.

love to you all!
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