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Insomniac Photoshoping

when I first saw this picture of Billy from Sundance, I swear my heart stopped....even so, I had to play with it to even out his skin and I thought that since Crystal is on respite, and there won't be a pretty Billy airbrush for a while, I decided to make one of my own....The small version is below, but I'm also going to link to the fullsize, just in case anyone wants to see. The original picture was found through the always spectacular nuregwen in her new community tinalikesstuff and was in such a beautiful hi-res that I couldn't resist making one full-size (because I'm just that much of a Billy Boyd freak).....Billy just looks so pitiful and morose, I swear I fell in love all over again. And if you wonder why the wallpaper is gone, let's just say that the flowers were a bit much for me :).

For the brave who wish to see full size, dial-up beware....
Tags: billy, phone post, photoshop, pictures!

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