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Sipping the Hater-aid

I hate my bank! I'm barely scraping by living the standard paycheck to paycheck, when bam, my bank goes and hits me with overdraft charges again! It seems that everytime I use my bank card like a Visa, they hold out this huge amount of preauthorization charges, which of course takes that amount out of my available balance again! So low and behold, even though I'm not spending more than what is in the account, the preauths are killing me. After shelling out another freaking $60, I am once again broke and contemplating opening an account with a competing bank, someone who might just want my damn business. I've called the damn bank and spoke with them and they swear that they aren't doing it with every charge (you could have fooled me) and that it isn't usually a problem....The hell it isn't!!! So I'll consider my options, talk with the other bank people and we will see....they might have just lost another freaking customer.
Tags: rant

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