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Mind wanderings of an insomniac waiting for the end of work

is it five o'clock yet? no?...ah shit....*sigh*...been a long day, but an overall pretty good day...only problem is the continued insomnia. Let me tell you, three hours a sleep a night is no way to function....guess I'll start hitting Mirc more often when the dreaded insomnia comes. I do miss that dynamic....being on the other night was so....I guess familiar is the word.


on the weather front, winter continues....duh.


got a lot of books in today that I ordered including The DaVinci Code, which I've heard many people discuss. Guess I'll get to cracking on that.


Began writing another story this week, and will be publishing it on here when I have something more substantial instead of the fluff that wants to come out. No title as of yet.


Watched one of my favorite movies this weekend, Schizopolis. Once again, may I just say brilliant? That movie more than anything else does the best job of presenting the life through a schizophrenic's eyes. I always feel closer to my dad after watching it, even though the movie is much more insane than my father.


how was everyone's weekend? I've read such marvelous entries today....
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