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Bah on that Groundhog.....Migraines anyone?

I never understood Groundhog Day. I admit it. The way it was explained to me as a child was that if the Groundhog sees it's shadow, that there will be 6 more weeks of hard winter, but if it didn't, then spring would come in 6 weeks. Given that explanation, it's no wonder I didn't understand, because even my child's mind could listen to that statement and understand that either way, it's 6 weeks till spring. It's quite a queer tradition by any rate. The Candlemas tradition makes a lot more sense to me in that it predicts the difference between a mild winter and hard winter. I'll go with that one, and by that prediction, winter shall not come again here.

I did find one site that shared my sentiment. Besides, spring always arrives on or near March 21, so whether the groundhog decides to return to his den or remain above ground, the sad fact is spring will always have to wait at least six more weeks. So nyah Punxsutawney Phil!


Have had the worst headaches for the last two weeks. Am really starting to wonder if I've developed migrains. Anyone know anything about migrains?
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