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Image google your answers and paste pics!

First car:

'93 Green Dodge Shadow ( this is a plymouth sundance, but shadow looks just like it)...Name of this car for me? Felix, and I always thought of him as gay.

Where you grew up:

Lebanon, Ky (this particular picture is of the golf course in town. I can see my friend's house in the picture ;))

Where you live now:

Glasgow, Ky(Isn't she beautiful?)

What shows when you type in your name:

Susan (*snort*)

What shows when you type in your grandmother's name:

Louise (*is transfixed*)

Fave food:

Chicken Saag for the moment (in the picture the green stuff is the saag...although the naan is getting to me right now) I have had Indian food three times in the last 2 weeks, spread over 6 meals...mmm mmm good.

Fave drink:

Caramel Frappucino mmmmm

Fave smell:

Bread baking...Yeast has to be one of the top five best smells in the world.

Fave vacation spot:

Mountains (any will do...would love to see the Highlands of Scotland though) The mountains always made me feel safe.

Fave hobby:

There-ing, at the moment. Not really a constructive hobby. Loads of fun, yet also very money and time consuming. Damn you there.

Fave movie:

hmmm...so many...let's go with the original The Sound of Music. I have always loved this movie. I knew all the songs by the time I was 5, and even used to sing it in school with the choir. Love love love this movie.

Fave musical performer:

Duncan Sheik (saw him live within 5 ft of him the whole performance, totally blew me away) *looks around, sees no one, licks screen* ;) I have an autograph from him that to this day is still framed and sitting in my living that says "Susan, Big Kisses, Duncan Sheik". *sigh* His music has carried me through the worst days of my life. The song "November" will forever by my anthem from recovering after being sexually assaulted.
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