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This has been a flipped out PSA

Suggestion for mother of tenant that just got an eviction notice and "doesn't know what to do": Take the eviction notice. Read it. Realize that you have 30 days to get your daughter and her things the hell off my property. Realize that failure to do so will only delay the inevitable, and force your daughter to go to court. Put down eviction notice. And finally, GET THE HELL OVER IT! People get evicted every day somewhere and they take care of the situation. They don't call the landlord begging and pleading for help. They realize that their children are fucking children who get evicted because they don't respect others or take care of themselves responsibly because they are FUCKING CHILDREN. Maybe if some of you parents would realize that shoving 18 year olds out of the house because you can't handle them isn't such a good idea, then this wouldn't happen.
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