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Thoughts that rumbled during Lost and Wife Swap....
I think that the numbers are a huge clue for all of us to work on during the long break. Perhaps there's one mystery that we can figure out the meaning of by the time this six week hiatus is done. I must discuss this with my numbers master, Mom.


And in wife swap watching last night....

One of the strangest things about this show is the dicotomy that they present as normal. Both families are usually so extreme and diametrically opposed that it's amazing that anything good ever comes out of it. Tonight's episode was particularly touching. When the familys do learn and come together it's a beautiful thing.

I was so surprised and amused at the loving of the "fancy dress party" that the soldier's family had. Seeing that manly man all dressed up in a silly womanish outfit had me giggling. He was living it up, having fun and learning at the same time.

At the final conference between the two families I was finally rewarding with rational people talking instead of a shouting match. Both sides were kind and brutally, heart-wrenchingly honest about their feelings about their old way of life and their new way. They freaking hugged when they left! Was beautiful. And they remained changed after the show. If there was ever an episode not to be missed, this was the one seekingautumn.


I think I understand a part of America now. The schools here have repeatedly been attacked for years for being too lax compared to other industrialized countries. On the flip side, it's been widely recognized that the American work ethic (with our long hours and work weeks with little to now vacations) is much stronger and stricter than other countries. It seems to reinforce the idea that capitalism is king here. Education is thrown to the side for work experience. We make our school hours short so that teenagers can get jobs and develop that ethic. And then we work our brains out for the rest of our lives, while all the important stuff floats by. Quite a shame.


Is it right to be this age and start the whole identity search again? To ask "who am I?", "what do I want?", and "where do I want to be" all over again? To be puzzled and excited, hopeful about the whole process? ......Just asking....

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From: seekingautumn Date: March 3rd, 2005 06:25 pm (UTC) (Link)
I think that it is a sad person who figures out what they want to be and stops, never to revisit that thought process again. The most interesting people I've known were always reinventing themselves on whichever paths they chose.

I still say, I shall pass on the Wife Swap. But, I am glad it was meaningful for ya. I think Wolf finished watching it, too.

Having already been through the ringer this morning trying to explain why I prefer not to have the 10 Commandmants in governmental buildings, I shall certainly agree that America has some issues... with schools and otherwise.
emaleythe From: emaleythe Date: March 3rd, 2005 08:05 pm (UTC) (Link)
i agree that it would be sad to not grow and change....but to "reinvent yourself"? Sounds scarily like a mid mid life crisis :)

on the commandments thing? you shouldn't have to explain why you prefer to not have them in governmental buildings as well as shouldn't be put through the ringer explaining it. who are these evil people that I must bring down for making you go through that?
From: barefootatkheb Date: March 3rd, 2005 11:04 pm (UTC) (Link)
I must discuss this with my numbers master, Mom
if you do figure something out, don't forget to share :)

Is it right to be this age and start the whole identity search again?
sure, I think you do several different ages in your life *shrug* :)
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