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Followed me Around

Fooly, damn you...that damn stalker song is on my iPod and is making me go into hysterics at work....Lyrics for those that want to know what the hell I'm talking about

Followed Her Around by Jimmy Rankin
I followed her around
I was quite naïve
Holes in my soul
I wore my heart upon my sleeve
Down that winding country road
Despite the stories I'd been told
Now I don't go in to town
Since I followed her around

I stood and watched in disbelief
From the shadows of my grief
She wore lipstick black as coal
And her boots up to her knees
How could I even speak my mind
All the boys were making time
I bowed my head without a sound
Since I followed her around

Everybody's got a hunger
And a seed they gotta sow
I should have listened to my mother
When she cried no, child no
Son get your feet back on the ground
Don't go follow her around

I watched her from afar
That pretty flower in mid bloom
Oh how that girl could work a bar
As she waltzed around the room
I couldn't take it anymore
Tried to get her out the door
One more time she shot me down
Since I followed her around

Repeat Chorus

Now I'm old and wise
Still got that sparkle in my eyes
All my kids have come and gone
All except my youngest son
It was just the other day
I swore I heard him say
Dad I'm heading in to town
I think he follows her around
Dad I'm heading in to town
I think he follows her around
Dad I'm rolling in to town
I think he follows her around
Tags: funny shit to make me laugh, random thoughts

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