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Super bras!

It's amazing how a new bra can make you feel. Not only are my boobs high, perky, and super-supported in this new bra, but I'm also feeling a bit like superwoman.
I will take out your rays of doom with my boobs! Muhahahaha
It's insanity, I know.

But I tell you, going bra shopping last night almost had me in tears. The only reason I even went was because it seems that every bra I owned decided in the last two-three weeks that underwire worked best by breaking in half and stabbing me to a bloody pulp. Now, I've worn them anyway, because frankly, I had too, but would shove a small cloth in between the freaking wire and the boob, thus deflecting most of the damage. So I go shopping, browse around, fingering different styles, end up with six that I want to try on (because as every woman can tell you, they all fit and feel a little different) in my normal size of 40D. Cut to in the dressing room, beginning to freak out, because none (not one!) of the bras are fitting. I am so pissed off at this point, that I want to stalk out of that store immediately. But I behaved and realized that I HAD to buy at least one bra to wear or I would forever be stabbed. So I go and cringe and pick up a few bras in the next size up, 42D. God I hate saying that. I try on those, and while it still was a tight fit, I ended up settling on two.

Now here's my question. How is it that all my bras at home, which are 40D still fit, yet even the 42's in the store are really tight? I haven't gained weight, everything is pretty much the same....the only thing I can figure is that I'm bloated due to the monthly visitor just ending. Because I really hate the thought that I'm getting even bigger. It's hard enough to find 40D's much less anything larger in most stores. *huge sigh*.....
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