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Going to the chapel and gonna get married....

well....Jason proposed last night :)...Jason popped the question at the Taj Palace, my favorite little Indian restaurant. It wasn't the most creative way (but he later told me some of his ideas for doing it, one in particular was very cute with hollowing out a Cadbury egg and putting it inside) but it's definitely a story to tell. I went to the bathroom; it was the end of the meal. I felt something was up because he'd been acting very curious all night. When I came back to the table the ring box was in the middle opened up. I smiled real big and sat down. He wouldn't say anything, just had that silly grin on his face. Because I was waiting for him to say something, and because he wouldn't, I started laughing. I had to finally wave my hands and say, "And....." It took him a little while, kind of fumbling for words, but he finally said, "I love you and I want you to marry me. Will you marry me?" but he said it in this really weird silly voice.So I told him that he had to say it properly :). Made him say it again and I said "yes of course" and he handed me the ring. :D We looked like two big smiling idiots in the restaurant. Once he started telling me about some of the ways that he thought about proposing, I tried to hand him the ring back and make him do it again a different way *laugh* but he wouldn't go for that :).

The ring is sooooooooooo fucking gorgeous! I keep finding myself looking down at it and smiling like an idiot. The whole proposal hit me about an hour later, and I got very teary and hyped up. It's crazy that I get to say "fiance" and mean it now. Crazy to say "our wedding", makes me want to cry. Speaking of our wedding *grin*, date will most likely be set for early October 2006. I've always had my heart set on an outside Fall wedding. I want it be nonsecular, slightly pagan (since both of us are pagan in belief). I want it to be simple and small, and lovely. And I want to be barefoot (insane I know, but I always envisioned myself as being barefoot in a pretty white lace princess dress. lol....okay, I'll stop....:D

I'm going to be a wife!!!!
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