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Asses on fire!

There are going to be asses on fire tomorrow! That's right. Tomorrow, I will be late going to work (which is going to be at the sister property instead of ol' faithful here) by at least an hour because I have to go kill people at my bank.

Here's the story: Yesterday, I got this inkling that I needed to check and balance my bank account. So I went online and saw in horror that if my preauthorizations went through, my account would be -$0.12. Knowing that I had also just written a $45 check for groceries the night before, I swung into action. I gathered up $47 in cash and went in person to deposit it before the charges went through. I asked the lady, "When will this be credited to my account?" She said, "Immediately. Cash always goes on immediately" I go to work and look up my account online and it shows the $47.00 deposit as (pending). Just now, I looked up my account and it had this:

Description Deposit Withdrawal Balance
Purchase Barnes and Noble $6.34 $6.46
Deposit $47.00 $53.46
Overdraft Charge $30.00 $23.46

How the hell can I get an overdraft charge when I still have a balance???!!!!

Those fucking bastards are going to get a reaming from me tomorrow morning and I will have $30.00 credited to my account immediately. Hell, they should pay me additional money because of their fucking stupidity and their fucking incompetance. If they refuse to credit my account, I will fucking close it immediately and will sue their asses in court. It will be the fucking principle. Those fucking bastards!
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