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Insurance fiasco

Sometimes I just have to go "berwha?" (just sound it out phonetically) I just got a call from my dentist, who had presubmitted charges to see what my insurance will pay for all my upcoming, super expensive dental work. She gets a letter back saying that my insurance was terminated or that I never had dental insurance with them. My "WTF" could be heard a mile wide. So I call the insurance company, read them all the information off of my card and they also tell me that while they have me listed for my life insurance that they are not showing me in my group's coverage for dental. Now here's the thing, my company changed the dental insurance in January. This is a brand new card and brand new insurance. Yet, I have been paying for dental insurance for over three months! So I call my HR person at work, who is conveniently not there and leave her a tense message telling her what's going on and that she better call me back today telling me how she's going to fix this. So now, I'm wringing my hands because I've had two appointments already this year, and I'll be damned if I pay the entire cost! Plus, the other thing that makes no sense is that I think I've already gotten back a benefits sheet from the dental insurance earlier this year showing they had partially paid for the first visit. So now I say to the world, "Fix it!"

*grumbles under breath about how angry I am at people*
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