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Bright shiny new website!

Have I said how much I hate my webhosting service? Well, I'll say it again: *clears throat* Livin4 sucks the largest pile of shit in the world. Never, for the love of God and man, ever host your site through them. They sucked so much that they had to give me a year free.

I am now signed on with a new and shiny webhosting service, rated #1 in web hosting by two different reviewing companies. It's a pretty good deal on the cost, and I'll be able to host up to three domains (perfect since I currently have two). I am trying to cancel the upcoming charge with Livin4, and go ahead and transfer my existing domain over. But can you believe that Livin4 won't even let me log in to the billing department with the username and password that they gave me? And when I requested a lost password, and they said they were emailing it to me, it STILL has not landed in the mailbox. *throttles stupid company*. Argh! I'll be soooooooo happy when I'm away from this damned web hosting service. Their downtime is ridiculous, their customer support infuriating, and their server console is insanely disorganized and in no way user friendly. When I transfer my site, and begin hosting the new site, let's hope things are different.


The new site is coming along well. I finished up my main graphic for the loading page and for the banner last night and started piecing together all the other main components. Only 4 people know what this site is all about, and I'm keeping it secret because of the crap I went through with the last one. I can't wait to tell you all about it :). I will give a hint: It's a fansite for someone who dearly needs one. Someone that I currently admire, and who seems to have only one fansite on the web (which although has it's good points (including already having the fanlisting-you bastards!) could be better in my opinion). I plan on partnering up with a yahoo group and an lj group that already exist in order to try and maintain current information. It's going to be a blast! *does a little happiness dance*


really not feeling up to today. I would much rather be at home enjoying some time with my honey. In fact, I think I'll go home at lunch. Yes, my precious...that would be perfect....
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