looking for the exit (emaleythe) wrote,
looking for the exit

another meme, but this one is quite interesting to me....

Which sun-sign am I most friendly with?

Virgo leftbarright 17.65% (6 friends)
Gemini leftbarright 14.71% (5 friends)
Cancer leftbarright 11.76% (4 friends)
Sagittarius leftbarright 11.76% (4 friends)
Scorpio leftbarright 11.76% (4 friends)
Libra leftbarright 8.82% (3 friends)
Aries leftbarright 5.88% (2 friends)
Leo leftbarright 5.88% (2 friends)
Taurus leftbarright 5.88% (2 friends)
Aquarius leftbarright 2.94% (1 friends)
Capricorn leftbarright 2.94% (1 friends)

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Brought to you by pratibha75 and teemus.

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