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New webhosting company? Rocks my ever loving socks off. The control panel has everything I need at my fingertips, and is absolutely a cinch to use. Their response time and customer support is insanely customer-based and rules the webhosting community. If I ever have a problem with these people I will be surprised. *does a little dance*

Response to the new site has been a slightly mixed bag, but overall positive. There have been some issues with screen resolution, but I shall figure that out as I go along. I hope to be able to learn some new scripting and brush off some of the old. Should be good for me.

I'll also be relaunching outofthevoid.net and my other new site voidindustries.com in the coming weeks. Outofthevoid.net will still be mainly my personal website with collected art, writings, and such. Voidindustries.com is my attempt at corporating myself so that I can keep using it as my company name. I hope to begin offering logo work and art design to companies as a side job in the coming future. God knows I won't be winning any awards at site design, but logo work was quite fun and interesting to me, and I'd love to continue to develop my skills in those areas. As Napolian says, "Girls like guys (or in my case, girls) that have skills."


Was at the hospital all last night and half of today with Jason. He's developed another case of kidney stones, and they are also concerned about some masses that they found on his gall bladder. We won't know anything until his doctor's appointment tomorrow, when they give him some test results. I'm also slightly concerned about some other medical issues that I shall discuss at a later time.
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